Blogging relies almost entirely on pay-per-click campaigns when it comes to monetarization. However, it is a fact that PPC campaigns focus on traffic, and even though traffic at times is driven by good contents, at times this is not. That means that you can write the best informative piece spending days to make it great, however, if you don't reach at least 10.000 visitors monthly on your site you will be making something around 0 money.

In GoodNoon we come up with the idea of creating an accreditation that uses konten quality as winning metric over the most comune usage of traffic metrics.

The blogs that will receive the accreditation (given of course at no biaya), will Link Judi Bola Online be requested to show it on their web pages, receiving from month 1 their monthly payment. In the future, the accreditation will be placed automatically on each page by installing a plugin we are currently building.

We help blogs making money by offering them a monthly remuneration that ranges from $100 to $1.000. On top of this, we offer press releases to help their blogs achieving the visibility it deserves.

How to get started

To get started send us an e-mail to the or join our Facebook Grup

We will evaluate the site and get back to you (normally in within 24 hours) by telling you if we can proceed with the accreditation and the monthly payment we will be remitted to you. If you agree with this we will be sending you the accreditation to get placed to your site and we can get started.